Couple Style: Farewell Summer

October 12, 2017

With Summer drawn to a close, the busy Autumn schedule is in full swing. Jon and I have been shooting weddings every weekend, and engagements in between. Even though the calendar says it's officially Fall, we've had some full blown, August-style heat here in Lynchburg. We are all so ready for things to cool down. From what I've heard, it's pretty much like this everywhere right now. You feeling it too?

light-3 light-11 Her: top: Plato's Closet, skirt: similar c/o Romwe, Hat: similar c/o Romwe
Him: shirt: Target, pants: JC Penney, shoes: Kohls

Explore Lynchburg: Nomad Coffee Co.

September 10, 2017

Nomad Coffee Lynchburg 15 Nomad Coffee Lynchburg 1
Be a nomad. Drink coffee.
My love for third wave coffee is hardly a secret. Luckily, Lynchburg is quickly growing, and with that growth have come some amazing coffee shops. Nomad's traveling coffee truck has been in town for a while now, but only recently did they go full time. That means you can spot them on any given day somewhere around Lynchburg. It's always a nice surprise to see their truck when you come out of a grocery store, or attend a local event. These guys know their coffee. I recently did a little interview with the owner and founder of Nomad, Josh Davies. So take a scroll through, learn a little, then go find that coffee truck!
Nomad Coffee Lynchburg 13
A: What is Nomad Coffee Co?

J: We are a traveling, wandering, voyaging coffee company.  Wherever our tires park and our feet land, the goal is to find new friends and family while preparing the best coffee and espresso drinks you can find.
Nomad Coffee Lynchburg 10
A: What are your personal recommendations for first timers and why? What are some of your more unique menu options for the adventurous customer?

J: We definitely recommend that people try either the Blue Ridge (white chocolate, coconut, blue mint latte), Chai-a LeBouf (dirty chai latte), or Flower Child (lavender and vanilla latte) as their first drink. Our chai is a mix of traditional, authentic chai masala and a sweeter chai blend, and I think that separates us for chai lovers. Our newest drinks are iced coffee cocktails, which are mocktails that include flavors that you would find in some of your favorite alcoholic beverages. We have the Passport (coconut and rum flavored simple syrup) and we have the Train Hopper (cherry, smoked hickory, bourbon flavored simple syrup, a shot of espresso, and topped off with orange bitters). Our rum and bourbon flavored simple syrups are made in house. If someone is really feeling adventurous they could try the Smoking Train Hopper which is smoked with wood chips before their very eyes!  
Nomad Coffee Lynchburg 9 Nomad Coffee Lynchburg 4
A: Where do you see the company down the road (no pun intended ;) in the near future?

J: The mobile aspect of Nomad will always be the center of what we do. We have a pretty busy fall lined up with festivals, college games, and traveling to the various college campuses. We hope to start dabbling into into roasting our own coffee before the end of the year. We are currently working on a couple of partnerships with some other awesome small businesses in the area and we will keep the details as a surprise.
Nomad Coffee Lynchburg 3 Nomad Coffee Lynchburg 8
A: Where can we find you in Lynchburg this month?

J: We hit up some places every week, such as River Ridge mall, Genworth on Albert Lankford Dr, Food Truck Thursdays at Miller Park, etc. The best thing to do is to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter. We post our weekly schedule on Sunday evenings and then confirm where we will be the night before. 
Nomad Coffee Lynchburg 2
Get Social: 
Instagram: nomadcoffeeco
Twitter: nomad_coffee_co

Wild Tonic

August 1, 2017

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Summer is flying by. It's wild how quickly the days pass. Does anyone else get kind of bummed out when people are already talking about Fall? In my world, it's still Summer until the weather gets chilly. As is the case with every Summer, I have so much I want to accomplish, and I'm running out of time. Autumn is a crazy season in the wedding photography world. Jon and I have a wedding every weekend, some out of state, so we're kind of in the calm before the storm.

On the bright side, that also means lots of pictures of pretty people in love, which is always awesome.

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Him: shirt: Old Navy, shorts: Plato's Closet, shoes: Target
Her: shirt: thrifted, overalls: c/o Romwe, shoes: Target, hat: c/o Romwe

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